Saturday, September 25, 2010

the summer that was...

I went for a run tonight... in long sleeves.

It's fall, and I love it.

While I have acclimated to a warm working environment, 
I was made for cooler places. (yes... that is an actual picture from work. I forgot to take a picture of the days it maxed out this cheap little thermometer)

 Here is a short and incomplete snapshot of my summer...

A quick disclaimer- no animals or people were harmed in the activities depicted in any of the following photos, unless the animals were meant to be eaten.

snapshot(s) #1- one of the most amazing games I've ever attended in person- Rangers vs Red Sox at      Arlington- August 13th. 9 homers, including a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 11th.

snapshot(s) #2- my first experiences with eating leftover sushi at home and chocolate babka. Both were     'successes.' I did not eat them at the same time.

snapshot(s) #3- Mutual of Wichita Wild Kingdom... the "LOG," (short for LARGE-FROG). I was curious as to whether he ate 'fish food.' He toyed with it. And when he wouldn't do more than play, I played the bully and yanked him up by his lower lip, much to his chagrin.

I have big hands and pretty big feet... I had a bit of a task unhooking him from my lure, and then getting him back into the water. I could barely get my hand around his shoulders/mid-section. Grande, and heavy.

snapshot(s) #4-recreational hazards... big, sharp (red) hook + ambitious, yet smallish, fish= on-site surgery.

snapshot #5- big wheels aren't just for little kids. This dude might as well have been sitting on the ground. It was a pretty beefy and homemade-looking contraption. (and I didn't get a good pick of his riding companion on his own equally homemade-looking big wheel)

and finally, snapshot #6- The Creature from the Red Lagoon- this thing was living in my 'korean casserole' (at Yokohama in Lawrence) and about to climb out of the bowl. Creep-ay, but taste-ay.

well... needed something light to blog about this time. There you have it. See ya summer.

Maybe cooler weather will inspire me to blog more. Maybe not.

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