Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Firsts

My first guacamole-making experience...

I'll call it a success. 

My first up-close 'face to face' badger sighting...
I'll call it surreal and unexpected.

My first attempt at discharging mowed grass and dirt directly into my eye sockets...

I'll call it annoying and my latest evidence of why I hate wind in Kansas.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

I was attempting to cut my hair last night. It was late, and I was going to do a quick 1/4'' trim on my head and beard.

It was going swimmingly along the side of my head and I transitioned to the top. I made a couple swipes and was moving across my head from right to left. While going for a 'center cut,' a strange thing happened... what looked like the 1/4 " clipper guard ( which I knew was only my imagination) fell into the trash can with my shorn locks. The stranger part of that is that my clipper-holding hand continued it's shearing motion before I could confirm whether my imagination was, indeed, reality.

The result was all too realistic...

I never got overly angry. I think I was a little stunned.

Insert Gomer Pyle's Famous line...

Or, to quote Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation"...

It took me two seconds to realize that I had zero options. I was going to have to 'summer-cut' before summer. (Fortunately, I have avoided such mishaps during the bitter cold months of working outdoors)

I think I'll keep the beard long for a couple days and impersonate Jeff Bridges character from Iron Man.

What's life without surprises, right?
And, in this economy, I'm thinking about all the money I'm saving in shampoo and other hair care product. (that miniscule amount will be diverted straight to the gas pump unfortunately)

well... happy hair cut, everybody.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I smell a rat...

...and he's dead.

It's my first 'kill' as a trapper.

The muskrat wasn't too happy. He gave me the middle finger/claw.

And his dental health leaves a little to be desired.

Definitely no love from the muskrat. Captain and Tennille must have known friendlier muskrats.

My only consolation...I didn't enter trapping for the friendships.

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