Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving of Thanks Day Thoughts

I'd say I'm pretty honest, even self-deprecating at times. I'm one of the first to recognize when I've screwed up or in the wrong (not all the time, mind you... but most of the time), and am pretty motivated to either make things right or apologize where I don't have control or opportunity to change those things. I'm conscientious like that.

I'm riding a roller coaster these days of contentment and angst, peace and turmoil, joy and frustration.
I find myself frustrated by many unanswered questions, as if I'm entitled to more... entitled to God's immediate pandering to my dislike of waiting and feeling out of control. I don't really believe this, but I live and act as if God owes me something for my obedience and that I've somehow earned a reprieve from frustration because I throw Him some token nuggets of 'christian behavior.'

Anyway... I'm aware of how much I have to be thankful for today, and also aware that the only reason that I'm not more thankful and joyful these days is that I don't really know how good I have it.

I'm blessed and I'm spoiled. 

Like many Americans (and many Christian Americans), I gripe about the inconvenience of so many things, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I am in a very slim percentile of privilege in a world of poverty...financially, for sure, but also spiritually.

And I have, thankfully, some renewed perspective today...

  • I listened to a lady share today about how she was thankful to be alive after battling cancer the last couple years, surviving the grim prognosis and short time table of doctors.
  • I've encountered tons of people (sadly, too many) over the last several years who are lonely and disconnected, and whose families do nothing but find fault and/or verbally, physically, and emotionally abuse.
  • I've seen people at shelters and begging on street corners and highways who have no home, no food, and only the clothes on their back.
So today (and hopefully, moment by moment, daily) I'm thankful for...
  • friends and family who love me and who are walking with me prayerfully through this season of transition.
  • health and the ability and opportunity to move and breathe and live without physical hindrances.
  • a roof, and not just a roof, but the comfort of life that many people don't experience- abundance of food, too many clothes, t.v., wireless internet... hot water...
  • a job that pays the bills
  • worth that is not based on what I do or what I know...
I told one of my former youth kids young men (now involved in full-time ministry) that I was struggling with the limbo I am in and frustrated by the lack of answers.

His response?  "It's a good thing that your status as a son of the King is not in limbo."


Thank you, Lord, for Your patience with this spoiled brat son upon whom You've lavished the riches of Your love and grace. Keep me mindful of the reality of Your perfect presence and provision.


We the Hornings November 27, 2009 at 11:53 AM  

Great reminders, Jim. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this (yesterday) Thanks Day.

DeMo November 30, 2009 at 11:35 AM  

Thanks for the reminder about perspective, Jim.

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