Monday, June 21, 2010

Couple more things on this longest day of the year...

Donald Miller's blog would be worth you checking out, in my humble opinion.

Father's Day-
This past Sunday was Fathers Day, in case you missed it.

I have a pretty cool dad. And while separated by distance, I'm thankful for a close and good relationship. I'm thankful for his example, his heart, and his passionate seeking after God. I'm thankful for the way that I've seen him love my mom faithfully and well. I'm thankful for his faithful support of my brothers and I. And I also enjoy seeing him in his grandpa role.

He also rides a Harley, which adds to the coolness factor. And... he knows how to play the Wii (although most nursing homes are employing that gaming system now as means of exercise for their patrons). Just kidding, dad. (and mom). * I could have included more embarrassing pictures, but don't want to put anyone on the spot.

People say that I'm a lot like my dad. My mom has said several times that, "you're your father's son." And I think she meant it favorably.

I take is as a great compliment.

I'm also thankful for my brothers, who are now both dads. And good ones... We've had a good example in not just our dad, but our grandpas.

Happy Father's Day

Cookie Day-
Also, if you read one of my recent posts, besides Father's Day, this last Sunday was also "cookie day" in heaven. My friend Colleen was released from her earthly limitations and ushered into eternity early Sunday morning.

Even writing about not being able to see or understand all of who God is or what He is doing makes me think of how much bigger a perspective she has now. She sees things more clearly than anyone here on earth. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a bit jealous.

Please pray for her husband Mark and her kids Ryan and Michelle, along with the rest of the family and friends who are grieving her death.


Adam Lehman June 22, 2010 at 3:36 PM  

you look like your dad.

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