Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wonders of Technology...

I've had the chance to Skype with all my immediate family in the last couple weeks. It's obviously not as ideal as being with them, but helps bridge the gap. I got to talk to 'the nieces' tonight.

Bailey tried a series of submission holds on Daddy.

Bailey also did a little choreographed 'peek-a-boo,' turning away and then adding a turn and tilt for the camera. Pretty advanced moves for almost 9 months.
 Eyla tried to hide but doesn't know my superior Skype-aided 'hide-n-seek' skills. She didn't have a chance.

Mommy even got the heads-up via cell phone that her favorite brother-in-law was 'in the house.'

(Even if there was something like Skype when I was her age, I would have broken my little finger in a rotary phone dial trying to call someone to tell them about it. )

Yep... thankful for modern and visual ways to span the distance.


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