Thursday, January 5, 2012

In the year of our Lord 2012...

... I resolve to ___________.

I made that list-the obligatory new year resolution/goal list- in my journal the other night. I think that similar lists are often more about past failure than future hope, at least for me. But, as I've heard many people say, I need 2012 to be a good year, and want to focus more on hope than on failure.

I realize that I bear great responsibility in that, not only with actions, but attitude. While there are always things beyond my control,I continue to struggle with being reactive instead of proactive. I struggle with being more cynical than joyful. There's no freebies in this life, except grace, and no entitlements, not even for grace. This year, I want to realize the daily grace that God has given to live life fully and well, and not only for my own sake, but for those I love and those I will grow to love.

I've been deeply impacted by two books, already, in the infant stages of this year... both point in the same direction: Life is bigger than me and my daily battles. Life is a gift to be thankful for. Life is a resource to be expended for an eternal purpose. They both speak to and spur me to a hope of something better for this year. And they both bear the poignant marks of being more than just random reading suggestions from my family members.

Book One: One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are . My sister-in-law and I were discussing how profound an impact the truths of this book (could/should) have on our lives and perspectives. She suggested I read it. I read two chapters right away, and would have read more if she didn't take it home. I look forward to reading more. Ann Voskamp, the author, also has a blog that has had my mind and heart engaged for the last few days since I discovered it.

Book Two: The Tangible Kingdom: Creating Incarnational Community-The Posture and Practice of Ancient Church Now. This past fall, my dad suggested that I check out the Adullam community in Denver, the leaders of which collaborated to write this and other books. They are seeking to engage Denver and live the reality of the Kingdom by creating authentic, intentional and transformational community. I'm halfway through this book and it has my mind buzzing about what could be ahead in this new year for my life in Denver.


Back to 'the list':  it's a pretty balanced list of the physical-relational-spiritual components of my life- pretty normal by new years resolution standards. Some health issues have me thinking a lot more about exercise, eating well, and being, generally, a better steward of my body. Part of my goals related to that involve doing some road races and hopefully a half marathon this year.

The marathon/running analogy is more than just a physical or weight-directed goal, though. I know that I have great intentions but don't always finish well. I sprint out of the blocks well, but can be easily diverted and discouraged by adversity. It symbolizes a desire to begin something significant and see it through to the finish.'s to finishing well in 2012, in every aspect and pursuit. Talk is cheap, so I encourage all who read to ask me how I'm doing and to walk/run, literally and figuratively, with me until goals are reached and authentic and successful change is realized.


Rebecca January 5, 2012 at 6:29 PM  

I stumbled on Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience Blog early in my blogging days. I've found very few bloggers who match her skill with words, photos, and heart for Jesus.

Once again, I appreciate your honesty and support you in your intentions and desires to realize "successful change".

Don't become "weary in well doing"!

Bekah January 6, 2012 at 7:25 AM  

Agreed. I read One Thousand Gifts around the time I had Thyroid cancer and have followed her blog since. The Lord has anointed her to write and her heart is beautifully full of Jesus.

Happy New Year Jim!

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