Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The craziest lunch ever...

What is big, white, and goes, "crunch, splash"  ????

The answer...

A big sedan, driven by a lady into the ornamental pond near the office building where I am working.

I was eating lunch at an outdoor picnic table when I heard a loud crunch. I figured it was some construction guys working on a parking lot nearby. Whatever the noise was made me jump.

As I turned to see what the noise was, I saw a car slowly rolling down the bank and into a pond outside the office building. (you don't see that every day) It floated to the middle and then started to sink.  I jumped up instantly in surprise, unsure of what to do. I started toward the pond, scared out of my wits. But seeing some guys closer, and starting to take action to help the driver, I ran back to the picnic table to get my phone and call 911.

My adrenaline was pumping pretty hard as I wondered what would happen if the lady had a seizure or heart attack and was helpless to get out of a sinking car. One of the guys waded in to help her, and we finally saw her moving around. I nervously relayed the information to the dispatcher even as the 'wader' opened the door and helped the lady to shore. (thankfully, the pond was only 3-4 feet deep). The dispatcher lady even seemed a little incredulous.

Without knowing for sure, I think the lady was pulling across a couple lanes of traffic, needed to punch it (busy lunch drivers abound), and probably had the accelerator stick. Her car jumped the curb, struck a tree (the loud crunch) and then proceeded slowly down the bank and into the water. 

Anyway... I won the award for best 'lunch story' and the entire office building took turns going out to see the craziness.

Some of the responses of the eventual spectators were less than kind, sadly. Even as crazy as it was, many joked about how dumb the lady must have been. I actually felt bad for having told anyone what was going on. Obviously, they would have found out, but their responses were hateful. I felt sorry for her. I can't imagine the embarrassment, let alone the trauma of being in a car submerging in water.

I'm hoping for less 'exciting' lunches from here on out.


Rebecca August 3, 2011 at 5:08 AM  

I like your heart, Jim. It is sad how cruel people can be.

And I also "like" that you're working! I've been praying about that. Is this something permanent or semi-so?

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